Malaga, Marbella, Morocco, Grenada Weekend Trip

So this last weekend I was able to check out the south of Spain and Africa. It was a lot of fun! To begin with we flew into Malaga, rented a car and was able to travel freely (one of my friends is from polland and has his drivers license for Europe). We drove from Malaga to Marbella, a beach city in Costa Del Sol. We were gonna hang out there the majority of the weekend, but it wasn’t as cool as we expected — still had pretty nice weather though. We decided to try our luck and go to Africa on Saturday.
We drove to a port city, Algercias, Spain and took a ferry from there to Africa. We arrived at their brand new port and took a taxi into the city of Tanger. It was a cool experience, but I can say we will not be going back any time soon. The people there were only out for themselves and the haggling was beyond ridiculous. I have never been so annoyed of other people in my life before. Guys would come up to you and just not leave you alone. Since it was a dead time during the year we stuck out like even bigger sore thumbs.
On Sunday we decided to drive to Granada, which was about a 2 hour drive from Marbella. We were able to see La Alhombra, which is a Muslim palace. This was my second time there, but it was amazing to see again. We arrived back at around 1 am that night. Unfortunately missed the Packers game but it was good to see that they won! What a shame I am across the pond.
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